Tung Hai Knitting and Dyeing Limited (THKDL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a private limited company onMay 31, 2004 and has been converted in to a Public Limited Company on May 15, 2011 under the Companies Act,1994.


TheCompanystarteditscommercialoperationinMay13,2005withadyeingcapacityof20,000(TwentyThousands)pound per day and knitting capacity of 12,000 (Twelve)Thousands Piecesper day.


THKDLhastwomajorsectionsi.e.,dyeingandknitting.Thefactorybuildingisconstructedonitsownland.Mostofthe machineries and equipment of the company were imported from renowned branded companies of Japan, Taiwanand Europe. The production facilities of the company are supported by state of the art technology implemented byTHKDLand also by skilledman power.


The factory premise of THKDL is located at Shibrampur, Zirani Bazar, BKSP, Joydebpur, Gazipur which is anindustrialzone and very near to Dhaka,the capital city of Bangladesh.


Majormilestonesofthe company:


2004: Incorporated as a private limitedcompany withthe paid up capitalof Tk. 5.00 (Five) Lac.


2005: Started commercial operation with dyeing capacity of 20,000 pound per day and knitting capacity of 12,000 pieces per day and raised paid-up capital by Tk. 92,000,000.


2010: Raised paid up capital by Tk. 5.00 (Five) Lac.


2011: Increased paid up capital from Tk. 93,000,000 to Tk. 451,300,000 and expanded its production capacity.

2014: Raisedpaid up capital Tk. 35.00 (Thirty Five)Crore through IPO.

The Company is 100% deemed exporter, mainly engaged in the business of Dyeing, Knitting and Bleaching of Yarnforuse in the export of sweaterand export oriented garments.


Productsof THKDL:


The Company has two major products:

  1. Dyed Yarn from dyeing section
  2. Sweatersknittedfromknittingsection